CheapSeatsTickets October Blowout Blows Out the Competition prides itself on having some of the lowest prices on the internet.  You won’t see flashy ads or high-cost content on our website and that’s because we choose to pass the savings on to our customers.  Other sites spend a lot of money to grab your attention and they then pass those expenditures on to you.  We prefer to keep things simple to ensure you get the best seats at the lowest prices to all events across the country.

And in the month of October, we are offering additional savings on every single one of our tickets.  But these prices won’t last.  How much are we talking about?  Well, we did a price comparison to other major ticket providers on the internet and found we were anywhere from 2% to 15% cheaper!  That might not seem like a lot but if you are taking the family to the World Series, it can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.

For example, the San Francisco Giants are back in the World Series where they will face the Kansas City Royals.  We randomly picked a section at AT&T park and looked for the cheapest tickets in the section.  For us, it was Section 324 which is the upper level of AT&T overlooking first base.  We found nice seats in the 16th row.  Our final price came in at $1761 for a pair of seats.

You may have seen Google ads from VividSeats.  They typically have an ad ranking high in position.  How do they pay for these great ads?  They pass the costs on to you.  Those same seats in Section 324, row 16 cost $1958 on their site.  That’s almost $200 more for the exact same seats with the exact same delivery service.

And what about StubHub?  You’ve heard of their “no surprise fees” campaign advertised during NFL games, radio broadcasts and on your favorite sporting shows.  No Surprise fees means they simply include the fees in the pricing but that doesn’t mean they don’t charge extra fees!  In fact, if you bought those tickets on StubHub, you would pay $2070.60…a whopping $309 more for the exact same seats with the exact same delivery service.

So if you prefer paying more, go with the other guys.  But if you want to save money and enjoy the exact same seats, give us a try.  We’ve been selling tickets for more than 10 years and our reputation speaks for itself.

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