Cheap Sports Ticketing Options: Consider the Minors and College

We had an opportunity to see the Salt Lake Bees take on the Tacoma Rainiers and it was really a terrific experience for everyone. Ticket prices were the cheapest we’ve ever seen (more on that in a second), the seats were fantastic and everyone went home happy.

First let’s start with the ticket prices. Normally around $25, we were able to score 8 tickets for free. Yes you heard that right, FREE! Smith’s market is the stadium’s namesake and you get a free ticket for every $25 spent at the market. We happened to need groceries for the week so our $200+ bill easily covered the tickets. We showed up at the window and walked away with 8 seats in the fourth row just past 3rd base. But the stadium was pretty empty (which is typical before school lets out) so we had an entire section to ourselves on third base. These seats are easily $100+ at just about any major league stadium so much easier on the pocketbook.

Next is the proximity to the players. We were super close – almost too close! Our kids were able to talk to the players and even scored a few baseballs which were later autographed by Buzz. Plus there was plenty to do for the little ones including an outfield train ride, open space in the grass, races, etc.

Finally we got to see a really good game. In this case, the home team hit a walk-off double to win it in the ninth. And while the players weren’t quite as recognizable as the big league names, we saw two home runs and some spectacular play.

We had a chance to also see our local college basketball team play at Golden 1 in Sacramento and had a similar experience. With low prices and fewer crowds, everyone had a great time without breaking the bank. Consider a AAA game or a college game in your future.

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