Wild Card Tickets NOW – Why You Must Buy Today

Both the American League and National League wild card games are still up in the air. It’s looking like the Yankees and the As will face off but it’s unclear where that game will happen. The Yankees hold a 1.5 game lead over the As but a lot can change with 9 games to go. The National League is looking like a Brewers-Cardinals matchup in Milwaukee but there’s a lot of uncertainty in the west. So what does it all mean?

Right now, ticket prices for the Wild Card game in New York are soaring. But prices are relatively low in Oakland. We are looking at really nice lower-level infield seats at the Coliseum for around $150 per ticket. Those same seats in New York are four times the price. And the best part is if you buy today on Cheapseatstickest.com in Oakland and New York ends up hosting, you get your money back…all of it! Same deal is true for any venue where the game doesn’t happen.

So we recommend really looking today and taking the plunge. Worst case, you get your money back. Best case, you get to see your team at a really good price! Call any of our agents for help finding the best seats.

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