Sports, Concerts and Theater – A Return to Normalcy

It’s been more than year since we last blogged about a ticketing event. The San Francisco 49ers were gearing up to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2020 Super Bowl. And then it seemed the whole world came to a screeching holt! It was definitely a difficult time for everyone, and the ticketing industry would face some serious challenges. But as a veteran of the industry, CheapSeatsTickets stood behind every purchase made and issued refund after refund after refund for cancelled events.

And we’re still standing!!!

Things are definitely starting to open up, even if the numbers are a fraction of what they used to be. While many states are welcoming fans back in larger numbers, many are following health guidelines and allowing fans back in limited numbers. But any number is better than nothing! Baseball is welcoming most fans back between 25 – 50% capacity. And we are starting to see artists planning summer and fall concert series. We do expect Broadway to open up in the fall even though overseas venues are already seeing fans back in the seats.

The challenges we’ve faced collectively over the past year will make it even more special when we finally get to return to the events we’ve all loved over the years. We were there before Covid, we survived Covid and we will be here for you after Covid. We have your ticket.

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