You Should 100% Buy Game 5 ALDS & NLDS Tickets NOW! Here’s Why:

If you’re rooting for the American League and National League divisional winners, you should stop what you’re doing right now and buy tickets for game 5. That’s right Yankee fans, Astros fans and Dodgers fans. Stop reading and head right to our MLB page and get your game 5 tickets:

Of the three games, the Yankees, locked up 1-1 against the Guardians, have the best chance of returning to the Bronx for a game 5. It’s possible for the Dodgers, who are currently down 2-1 to the padres, and improbable the Astros series won’t end in Seattle. But here’s why you need to buy game 5 right now:

Every reputable ticket site, YES – EVERY REPUTABLE TICKET SITE will offer you a 100% refund on your purchase if a game 5 isn’t played. And typically ticket prices are at their lowest when it is unclear whether a game will happen or not.

As of 3:00pm PST, Game 5 New York Yankee tickets are around $100 for get in seats, $150 for upper deck seating and seating still available under $450 for 100 level seating around the dugouts. But if the Yankee series ties up at 2-2, expect those prices to nearly double throughout the stadium.

And here’s the good news. If the Yankees win the next two, you get a full refund. If the Guardians win the next two, you get a full refund. And it doesn’t matter whether you buy from us or one of the other guys. Once an event is cancelled, you are entitled to a full and compete refund. So get in on the action before prices soar!

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