Top 10 Things We’ll remember about the 2014 World Series:

 Top 10 Things We’ll remember about the 2014 World Series:   

#10 – Marlins Man still sitting behind home plate in fluorescent orange.

#9 – A sold-out and unbelievably active Kauffman Stadium.

#8 – The first “on the field” over-turned replay in World Series history

#7 – A classy Bruce Bochy in the post-game and an even classier Ned Yost after the game with Ken Rosenthal.

#6 – The doofus sitting in the front row behind home plate who was doing the “money” sign throughout the game

#5 – Joe Buck’s ridiculously uninformed comment in the bottom of the 9th: “[Bumgarner] is gunning for a 5-inning save.” You would think a guy who’s been doing this as long as Buck would understand the nuances of how relievers are awarded the win status.

#4 – Paul Blanco’s “Bill Buckner” play in the ninth (except nobody will remember because the Giants won).

#3 – Erin Andrews’ error in the postgame: “Joining me on stage right now is a man who has led this sport since 1992 and tonight will be passing out his 23rd commissioner’s trophy, Bud Selig.” Erin clearly forgot about the strike in 1994.

#2 – Joe Buck gets it wrong too in the wrap-up: “23rd time, here tonight, that [Selig] has handed out the Commissioner’s trophy.” Just sad.

#1 – MadBum’s superman-like performance. FYI – If Madison Bumgarner played for the Washington Nationals, they would have shut him down 3 weeks before the season ended.

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