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The Clemson Tigers are the College Football National Champions. The Tigers posted 21 points in the fourth quarter to claim the #1 spot in the nation winning 35-31. Dabo Swinney mastermind an offense that slowly wore down the dominant Alabama defense. With a 3 point deficit, Deshain Watson led the Tigers on a final drive with two minutes left to win the title for the Tigers.

But the biggest story were the ticket prices which were the most expensive ever for a college football championship game. The average ticket price leading into the game hovered around $2,500 per ticket while the “get-in” price for a ticket was just under $2,000. The demand for the same ticket one year ago was about 25 cents on the dollar (2016 Alabama vs. Clemson in Arizona).

The rematch clearly drove the value of tickets. And people who bought early saved a ton! With the national championship game located a stone’s throw from Alabama and Clemson, prices nearly doubled the day after the teams one their respective semifinal games. And while ticket prices often drop as game day approaches, that was not the case for this game.

For Clemson fans, it was the opportunity of a lifetime to see what hadn’t been done in 111 years – beat Alabama. And fans had good reason to believe their team could get the job done with the ball in the hands of their veteran Quarterback. The Tigers delivered an experience no Clemson fan will ever forget.

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Bruno Mars is taking his 24K Magic to Las Vegas for the new year and then will kick things into high gear in the spring of 2017. With 51 stops from California to New York, this could be the biggest show in the upcoming year. Tickets officially go on sale this Friday at 10:00am but you can get early access with the purchase of Mars’ 24K Magic CD and merchandise. Just visit But if you miss out on the early tickets, you can always get tickets to every Mars show at every location right here at CheapSeatsTickets. And if you’re looking for the best seats in the house, we’ve got you covered.


The 2-team Wild Card format was unveiled in 2012 and despite speculation by many, the new format has been nothing short of spectacular. Last night’s thriller between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles was no exception. Quality pitching pushed the game to extra innings and lasted 11 innings before Edwin Incarnation ended the game with a monster three-run homer which ended up in the second deck at Rogers Centre. The Jays head to Texas where they will take on the Rangers. Look for quality baseball and a lot of tension as the teams have a storied past. And as always, don’t miss any of the action with great seats from


Just how good is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots? At 7-0 to start the 2015 season, we’d say pretty darn good. But to put it another way, Daniel Tosh, a self-proclaimed Miami Dolphins fan, bet the farm on the Patriots to cover a -3.5 halftime points spread.


Daniel Tosh, a comedian best known for hosting Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, raised $25,000 auctioning many of his TV show props. The proceeds were to help fellow stand-up comedian Andy Ritchie who is currently fighting a brain Tumer. But instead of just donating the $25k, Tosh went to Vegas where he placed the entire amount on the New England Patriots to lead at the half by 3.5 points. The Patriots did not disappoint.

The Patriots scored their first touchdown on a 47 yard pass play from Brady to Rob Gronkowski. They added a safety to the score at the start of the 2nd, a 52 yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski and ended the quarter with a 16 yard pass play to Dion Lewis for 6. Meanwhile, the Pats defense shut out the Dolphins.

The 19-0 score at the half was plenty for Tosh to cash in on his bet and raise the total for Ritchie to $45,833.35. Perhaps he should have bet it all on a Pats perfect season.


The Golden State Warriors protected their home court winning two close games in Oakland against the Houston Rockets. Many people are hesitant to “invest” in game 5 tickets when it’s possible it may not happen. We break down the possible scenarios and explain why purchasing Golden State Warriors tickets for Game 5 is a no-brainer.

1) SERIES TIED 2-2: If Houston does what they are supposed to do, namely protect home court in Houston, the series is locked up at 2-2. That makes for a pivotal game 5 as the winner is just one game from the NBA Finals. Don’t want to miss that one!

2) WARRIORS UP 3-1: If the Warriors can steal one in Oakland, they will head home with the chance to close it out in Game 5. The only thing you’ll be kicking if you miss the Warriors win the Conference Championship at home is yourself!

3) WARRIORS SWEEP: If the Warriors do sweep the series, the majority of ticket brokers will refund your money. Be sure to read the fine print but with electronic delivery, you can be confident you will get your money back so you can put that money towards the Finals!

So there you have it, Game 5 tickets to see the Golden State Warriors take on the Houston Rockets – the biggest no brainer in the history of mankind.


The Golden State Warriors lead the New Orleans Pelicans 2-0 in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs. And with their impressive home record, it does appear that the Warriors will move on to round two where they will likely face the Memphis Grizzlies. The pundits are saying they survived the test they desperately needed but some, like Charles Barkley, believe the Pelicans exposed a weakness.

But let’s face it, when you enter the playoffs as the number one team, you’ve got a bit of an ego and possibly a mark on your back. The 2007 New England Patriots entered the Super Bowl with a perfect record…and lost to the New York Giants. The Kentucky Wildcats entered the 2015 Final Four undefeated…and lost to the Wisconsin Badgers.

It’s easy to consider yourself the best when your record indicates you are the best. And the Warriors, with their .817 win percentage, were hands down the best in the NBA. The Pelicans finished last in the Southwest conference with a record just under .550. So the big question is whether the Warriors were simply a better regular season team or did they just not prepare for a mediocre Pelicans team.

The Warriors will certainly face tougher teams in rounds 3 and 4 (possibly the Houston Rockets who appear to be gaining momentum with each game played). They will have to make better preparations in order to make it to the Championship.


Growing up near Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to see many football and baseball games at the “Vet.” Veterans Stadium was named by the Philadelphia City Council as an homage to all war veterans – pretty cool. No corporate sponsorship, no big money for naming rights, just an all American thing to do.

NFL stadiums back in the day had great names that just seemed to fit the teams. Remember when the Redskins played at RFK? Or when the 49ers played at Candlestick? And it wasn’t so long ago when good old Jerry Jones’ Cowboys played in a stadium named after them? But even the All American businessman couldn’t pass up an extra $17-19 million per year just to hang a couple of circle logos on top of the retractable roof.

Today’s stadium names often have nothing to do with the team. The Superdome in Louisiana sold its name to German automaker Mercedes-Benz. Sure, Saints owner Tom Benson owns Mercedes dealerships in the New Orleans and San Antonio areas but our guess is the Benz is not exactly the automobile of choice for local pelican staters.

We started going through the list of teams and realized most were un-namable. The old Joe Robbie? Sun Life Stadium. The Coluseum in Oakland? They couldn’t even afford the “m” for the dot com! Cleveland Browns Stadium? No more as the naming rights are owned by FirstEnergy.

Some of the blame can certainly be placed on the demand for new stadiums. As fans demand greater amenities and 21st century features, teams require more revenue to support the improved structures. Levi’s Stadium, the most recent NFL stadium, came in at a cost of $1.3 billion. Well, $220+ million will be paid by Levi Strauss & CO over the next 20 years. That’s a big chuck of change!

But not every team has caved to corporate naming rights.   The Bears still play at Soldier Field and the Packers continue their tradition at Lambeau. The Kansas City Chiefs have remained at Arrowhead for more than 40 years and the Atlanta Falcons still call the Georgia Dome home.

Take our QUIZ to test your NFL stadium knowledge. And let us know what you think about the state of stadium names!


 Top 10 Things We’ll remember about the 2014 World Series:   

#10 – Marlins Man still sitting behind home plate in fluorescent orange.

#9 – A sold-out and unbelievably active Kauffman Stadium.

#8 – The first “on the field” over-turned replay in World Series history

#7 – A classy Bruce Bochy in the post-game and an even classier Ned Yost after the game with Ken Rosenthal.

#6 – The doofus sitting in the front row behind home plate who was doing the “money” sign throughout the game

#5 – Joe Buck’s ridiculously uninformed comment in the bottom of the 9th: “[Bumgarner] is gunning for a 5-inning save.” You would think a guy who’s been doing this as long as Buck would understand the nuances of how relievers are awarded the win status.

#4 – Paul Blanco’s “Bill Buckner” play in the ninth (except nobody will remember because the Giants won).

#3 – Erin Andrews’ error in the postgame: “Joining me on stage right now is a man who has led this sport since 1992 and tonight will be passing out his 23rd commissioner’s trophy, Bud Selig.” Erin clearly forgot about the strike in 1994.

#2 – Joe Buck gets it wrong too in the wrap-up: “23rd time, here tonight, that [Selig] has handed out the Commissioner’s trophy.” Just sad.

#1 – MadBum’s superman-like performance. FYI – If Madison Bumgarner played for the Washington Nationals, they would have shut him down 3 weeks before the season ended.


The San Francisco Giants took game 1 of the World Series scoring plenty of runs in the first to put Madison Bumgarner on cruise control.  “It’s over” cried the media, the Giants have a lock.

The Kansas City Royals took game 2 of the World Series with a knockout blow in the bottom of the 6th.  “The ball is in the Royals’ hands, they are certain to take it all” proclaimed the media.  While the style of play greatly differed for both teams in each of the first two games, the end result left the media declaring a clear winner.

MadBum is a force and was a force in game 1.  James Shields, an extraordinary pitcher in his own right, simply wasn’t up to the challenge that night.  Will Bumgarner guarantee a victory in game 4?  Probably, but that only guarantees the Giants two wins.  We still have some baseball to play.

We don’t believe any series really starts to close the door until a team has won 3 games.  And even then, the door is open wide enough for teams to slip through.  In 2013 and 2012, the Red Sox and Giants respectively got to “3″ first and went on to win the Series.  But the 2011 Texas Rangers took a 3-2 lead over the Cardinals and ended up losing the final two games in St. Louis.  You then have to go back to 2002 to see a 3-game advantage for the Giants disappear when they lost games 6 and 7 in Anaheim to the Angels.

So who has the advantage?  We don’t really care!  With the ability for an inning, a game or an entire series to shift on a dime, we like the prospect of some great baseball in what we hope will be a lengthy series.  Advantage everyone.

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