Mayweather McGregor Fight, Childhood Dreams

Mike Tyson won the WBC title when I was 14 years old and one year later, he added the WBA and IBF titles making him the first heavyweight boxer to unify the three titles. But more importantly, Tyson won twelve of his first nineteen fights by knocking out his opponent in the first round. As a kid, the thought of making millions of dollars to not even last one round was the fantasy of legends. The most serious of questions on every teenager in the country was this: would you get in the ring with Tyson for $1 million dollars?

One person who has answered that questions with a definitive “yes” is Conor McGregor. Only he stands to make closer to $100 million in this reality scenario. While Mayweather will likely pocket four times that amount, for McGregor it represents more than he’s ever made in the world of MMA. And let’s face it, while McGregor likely doesn’t stand a chance in a strict boxing format, the guy is tough as nails and can certainly take a punch (and a kick and a knee). And since the childhood me would have taken $100 million for a few blows to the head, McGregor will likely walk out of that ring alive.

So for the millions of fans that will fork out the pay-per-view dough to watch an event that likely won’t last more than a few minutes, it represents more than just a fight. For most of us, it’s the fantasy that we will never realize, the right to fight a champion for a big payout.

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