Yankees/Red Sox, Just another battle for the AL East

The Yankees and Red Sox are at it again in 2017. The two are neck and neck for the number one spot in the AL East. The Yankees ran into a a serious contender in Oakland as the As swept the Bronx Bombers. The Red Sox, on the other hand, took three of four from the Houston Astros and pushed their way into an effective tie with the Yankees for first place in the East. With another Red Sox win in Kansas City and a Yankee home loss, the Red Sox took sole possession of first place only to hand it back to the Yankees the next day.

But the best part of the AL East story are the other three teams in the division. Remember them? The Tampa Bay Rays, the Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays are all within 5 games of the Yankees but no one is talking about any of those teams. With payrolls exceeding $100 million for the 25-man roster, the AL east stakes claim to 4 of the top 10 payrolls in the big leagues. And while this certainly doesn’t guarantee a ring at the end of the season, it does ensure you will likely be competitive throughout the year.

Look for the AL east to secure both Wild Card spots and make a push through the American League playoffs. It should be a fun one in 2017.

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