Super Bowl Tickets All Time High

Super Bowl LII tickets (that’s 52 for us non-Roman numeral folks) are up for sale and higher than we’ve ever seen in our history selling tickets. It doesn’t even take that much thought to realize these ticket prices are the costliest in the history of the event. In years past, prices typically spike after the AFC and NFC are set But even with that spike, ticket prices normally hover in the high $2k to low $3k range. This year, prices are starting well into the $4k range and that’s just to get a seat in the worst part of the upper level. Looking for seats in the lower part of US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis? Get ready for form over $12k for a pair and if you’re searching for prime seats, we expecting tickets to start around $30k for a pair between the 30 yard lines.

So why the high prices? We think a lot of it is the early excitement. Ticket prices always drop a few days after the conference championship games and we expect ticket prices to do the same in the upcoming days. But this is the first time the Eagles have been to the big game since Super Bowl XXXIX. With the chance to avenge their 2005 loss, a lot of Philly fans are champing at the bit to witness the rematch.

For the Patriots, it’s business as usual. But many suspect this could be the final game of one of the greatest sports franchise dynasties. Tom Brady is 40 years old and the rumors of turmoil between Belichik and owner Robert Craft lead many to believe this could be the final game before they all part ways.

With a lights-out defense for the Eagles and the GOAT in Tom Brady, we expect to see a really terrific Super Bowl. If you can afford it, get your tickets later this week. If not, looking forward to a fun Sunday on a big flat screen!

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