New Arenas Putting Out Terrible Food!

Northern California sports has witnessed a pair of new venues in the past few years with the Sacramento Kings moving to Golden 1 in 2016 and the San Francisco 49ers heading to Levi’s in Santa Clara in 2012. While the two venues offer some exciting new features over their prior locations, one thing is clear – the food is terrible.

At Levi’s, we think it best to stick to the hot dog as it’s pretty hard to mess that one up (although we have been there on several occasions where the hot dog stand has run out of hot dogs or buns – they were serving the dog on a hamburger bun!). The chicken sandwich occupied about 70% of the bun space. You would think that with the inflated stadium prices, they could get a piece of chicken large enough to cover the bun.

Golden 1 is no better. The “grass fed beef” burger at Bernardos was as disappointing as it gets. The burger filled the bun which was the size of a $1 burger at McDonalds. If you’re going to charge $13 for a burger, make it good. Or better yet, charge me $20 and give me a burger I’ll want to get again.

The Niners actually let you bring food into the game. With misleading locations like the Untied Club and the Levi’s Club, we recommend getting a sandwich at your local deli and pack in for the game.

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