The Best Way to Buy MLB Tickets

The 2018 Major League Baseball season is under way and despite some winter-like conditions across the country, the weather is starting to warm up and fans are starting to hunt for the perfect game tickets. Here are some do’s and don’ts for the process:

DO: Start your search at your team’s official website for primary market tickets. All MLB baseball teams have addresses that start with For example, you can find New York Yankee tickets at or San Francisco Giants tickets at Don’t be fooled by websites that try to appear to be the primary website.

DON’T: Definitely don’t buy your tickets immediately from the primary site because they may not be the best deal. Baseball tickets are all listed at face value for single games but season ticket holders often get discounts because they are purchasing the entire season. So a $100 face-value seat might actually cost a season ticket holder much less. They often unload their extra tickets on the secondary market for less than face.

DO: Plan ahead. If you need large blocks of tickets, you will want to make sure you purchase those blocks early as you may not be able to find tickets together as the game date approaches.

DON’T: We don’t recommend buying a single ticket for a baseball game unless you absolutely have to sit in a very specific section or you don’t feel comfortable arriving without a ticket. Why? There are always single tickets floating around at the park and sometimes people with an extra ticket will just give it away!

DO: Compare, compare, compare. We like to shop at least two sites on the secondary market as well as the primary market. While many secondary sites have identical inventory, some have different tickets and all price their tickets differently. So shop around. Sometimes the savings are minimal but sometimes they can amount to hundreds of dollars.

DON’T: Don’t forget to consider the weather and check forecasts if you’re buying closer to game date. We bought tickets for a SF Giants game where the temps were in the high 90s (never happens in San Francisco). Fortunately, we bought seats on the shady first base side instead of the sunny third base side and stayed much cooler than most.

DO: Enjoy the game!!!

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