Pacers Get the Raw End of a No-call

The Indiana Pacers made an epic comeback against Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers only to see it end in a loss due to a bad call in the final seconds and a brilliant 3 by Lebron. For those of you that missed it, it was all tied up with just 10 seconds left on the clock. Victor Oladipo made his move with 8 seconds and got Lebron to bite right; Oladipo then drove to the hoop where Lebron recovered and swatted the shot. Clearly a goal tend on review as the ball hit the glass before Lebron made contact, it all didn’t matter because the officials failed to make the call.

The NBA review rules are definitely nuanced but are clear on a goal tend: a goal tending call can be reviewed and overturned but a non-call on a goal tend cannot. In other words, you can’t go to the replay if the officials failed to make a call. Which is strange because the general theme of the replay is to get the call right. If the shot clock expires and the officials miss the call, go to review. If the official calls a fail and misses the clear-path, they can correct on review. But in this case, the NBA is satisfied that the clear violation on review is unreviewable.

All would have been fine if it hadn’t been for LeBron’s heroics in the final seconds. LeBron hit a fadeaway 3 and drained it. We’re pretty sure the call is not responsible for the Pacers woes; in fact, even with the correct call, the Pacers still would have lost as 3 still beats 2 every time. But it sure would be nice if they got all the call correct. And that starts with the ability to review a missed call by the refs. See you in game 6!

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