Top 5 Reasons to Buy NFL Preseason Tickets

Let’s face it, the NFL preseason is about as unexciting as it gets.  Just Google the phrase coupled with “sucks” and you’ll yield almost 7.5 million results!  Even the league agrees the preseason is worthless, thus discussions to eliminate preseason games and schedule more regular season games.  But there are some compelling reasons to get preseason tickets and here are five:

1)  CHEAP TICKET PRICES – almost all NFL teams require season ticket purchasers to buy 10 games: 8 regular season tickets and 2 preseason tickets.  But the pricing is not discounted for the preseason seats.  Accordingly, the season ticket purchaser is paying the same price for the preseason match as the regular season game.  A large majority of season ticket holders simply don’t attend preseason games.  And this creates a surplus of tickets which means prices are often well below face value.  Want to sit on the 50 yard line at the new Levi Stadium?  A pair of regular season tickets could cost you upwards of $5,000!  But the same seats in the preseason go for $400 for the pair.

2)  KID FRIENDLY – let’s face it, NFL games can get pretty rowdy.  It’s a testosterone charged environment where an entire season can be made on a play.  But the preseason is really just a showcase of prospective players so fans tend to be a bit more calm.  We hear less profanity at preseason gams and find kids just enjoy the experience.  Plus it’s not a big deal when they have to use the bathroom or want a hot dog!

3)  SEE NEW TEAMS – generally, the preseason matches up teams that typically don’t see each other during the regular NFL season.  So if you’ve always wanted to see a particular player, you might have a great opportunity during the preseason.  The games we’re interested in include the Cowboys at San Diego, the Jets at Philadelphia, the Broncos at San Francisco and the Super Bowl rematch between the Seahawks and Broncos in Denver.

4)  SCOUT NEW PLAYERS – while the “starters” typically get to play the first quarter or two of a preseason game, the second half is generally reserved for backup and third string players.  And you never know if you might witness greatness that will lead to a future hall-of-fame spot.

5)  EXTRA POINT EXPERIMENT – the league is testing longer extra points this year by spotting the ball on the 20-yard line during the first two preseason games.  While extra point conversions hover around 99%, a 30-yard kick might yield a few more mistakes.  Could be interesting!!!

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