Christmas in July? Get a Jump on the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

We love the holiday season here at Cheapseatstickets and what says Christmas more than the Rockettes spectacular at Radio City Music Hall?! It’s one of the most popular winter events and we want to make sure you have all the information to get the best seats at the best prices.

The holiday spectacular staring the Rockettes starts November 7 with multiple shows seven days a week running through December 31. Despite a huge advertising presence on the secondary market, the only place to get tickets direct from Radio City is at their website or through Ticketmaster. And here are some important tips you should remember when purchasing seats either direct from the venue or on the secondary market:

1)   SECTIONS – The center section at Radio City Music Hall is #4. IF you want to be right in the center, pick Orchestra 4 or any of the Mezzanine “4” sections. #1 and #7 are closest to the walls.

2)   ROWS – The first Orchestra row at Radio City Music Hall is “AA” with double letters running through “ZZ.” The 27th row of the Orchestra is “A” and runs through row “W.” So make sure you know that Row W is in the back of the house (49 rows off the stage) while row WW is row 23.

3)   BALCONY – 1st Mezzanine is the lowest balcony and 3rd Mezzanine is the highest. The first mezzanine has 12 rows starting with A. The second mezzanine has 11 rows and the third mezzanine has 8 rows.

4)   DATES – If you are buying direct from Ticketmaster, generally tickets for weekday shows are cheaper than the weekends and prices go up as you get closer to December 25. First row, dead center in the 1st Mezzanine will cost you about $120 for a November matinee on Tuesday but the same seat will run you $185 on Saturday, December 27!

5)   SOLD OUT – These shows definitely sell out but there are tons of seating options in July and August. So plan ahead because those $120 seats will cost a whole lot more if you wait until the last minute.

We helped more than three hundred families and friends attend the Christmas Spectacular in 2013. We hope to help more both in their preparation and with tickets this holiday season. Good luck and if you have any questions, you know how to reach us.

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