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    WWE, the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., is the number one entertainment company in the professional wrestling industry.  Founded in 1952, the group hosts roughly 320 events a year and broadcasts to an international audience of more than 36 million viewers in over 150 counties.  The shows are incredibly choreographed matches with an athletic entertainment value not seen in any other sport.  And the legions of loyal fans swear it is the best sporting experience in the world.

    The majority owner and CEO of the company is Vince McMahon.  HE and his family own about 70% of the companies equity and control a super-majority of the voting rights in the company.  Founded by McMahon’s grandfather and continued by his father, McMAhon has transformed the face of the WWE into the international mecca worth an estimated $500+ million.

    The company, which had been known as the WWF or World Wrestling Federation, changed its name in 2002 after a dispute with the World Wildlife Fund and entered what has now become known as the new era of WWE.  Adding new components to their shows, the WWE clearly enjoys incorporating fans into the live experience.   The wrestlers have an intimate relationship with the fans and are almost always available after shows for autograph signings which allows fans to maintain a close relationship with their favorites.

    There are two distinct touring groups under the WWE: Raw and Smackdown.  Each also has its own TV show with Raw airing on Monday nights on USA and Smackdown airing on Fridays (although it is generally taped on Tuesday).  With millions of viewers, WWE events are often the most watched television events each week. 

    WWE tickets are generally affordable and reasonably priced.  Tickets generally sell out when they go on sale with Raw and Wrestlemania events selling out within just a few hours.  Because of its popularity, the WWE is often able to return to a venue within a few months to again cater to its legion of fans.

    Events are plentiful.  Over the next three months, we will see plenty of WWE events including the Road to WrestleMani, WWE Live, Payback, Royal Rumble, and their Holiday Tour at Staples Arena.

    If you are one of the few people who aren’t able to purchase tickets for a show (perhaps because you didn’t hear about the show until a few days before the event), we have you covered.  We always have a huge selection of tickets for every WWE event across the country.  As one of the best attractions in entertainment, the WWE is a great way for a family to have a fun night out.  You can get all of your WWE tickets right here at

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